How to transfer 1080p movies to iPhone 5S via USB cable

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Apple’s iPhone 5S might be the best-selling smartphone in the world. It’s thinner, lighter and faster than its predecessors. And it offer 4G. Actually, the greatest highlight of iPhone 5S is the display. iPhone 5S display resolution is 1136 x 640 pixels. Measuring 4 inches diagonally, the new touch screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and is branded a Retina display with 326 ppi (pixels per inch). So, some iPhone 5S users like enjoying films on iPhone 5S. However, most of them have issues to transfer 1080p movies to iPhone 5S. Why and how? This article will give you a detailed guide.

How to sync movies from PC to iPhone 5S

1. Download and install latest version of iTunes.

2. Connect iPhone 5S to your computer with Lightning to micro USB Cable, and open iTunes (if it doesn’t open automatically).

3. In iTunes, select your iPhone name under DEVICES in the sidebar.

4. To sync iPhone 5S with iTunes library automatically, simply press “Sync”. In this way everything in your iTunes will be synced with iPhone, including Audio content (music, podcasts, audiobooks, and iTunes U content), Movies and TV shows, Photos, Books, Contacts, Calendars, Documents (File Sharing apps only), Applications, Bookmarks, etc.

5. To sync movies only, check “Manually manage music and videos” in Options area and click Apply. This will deselect the automatic sync settings for the Music, Movies, and TV Shows tabs. Then you can drag and drop movies from iTunes Movie library to the Movies tab under your iPhone 5S in the sidebar.

It is recommended that you sync your iPhone 5S with iTunes at least once a week. In the unfortunate event that data on your iPhone is lost, this will ensure that you have a recent backup file to restore with.

To be honest, not all the video files can be streamed to iPhone 5S, since we have streamed the movies to iPhone 5S, we hope iPhone 5S can play them successfully. So, What kinds of videos/movies can be synced to iPhone 5S?

iTunes can sync your music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and iTunes U content to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. iPhone 5S now supports up to 1080p HD movie purchases and rentals.

If you’d like to sync self-made films to the device, always check if they are in supported formats by iPhone 5S. According to Apple, MKV and AVI videos are not accepted formats and you have to convert them to iPhone 5S optimized H.264 .mp4 videos before you can add them to iTunes. The Best iPhone 5S video converter should be helpful.

Everything you need to know about the new Surface Tablets

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Microsoft has announced two new tablets, the Surface 2 and the Surface 2 Pro, along with a dizzying range of accessories. Although it was coy about the finer details at first, all the information has since arrived in a great big wave, making it hard to keep track of what’s out when, what the specs are, and how much it’s all going to cost. Get ready, then, as we tell you everything there is to know about the new Windows tablets and all the associated toys.
We’ll start with the tablets themselves, then move on to the accessory range.

Surface Pro 2.

Promoted more heavily than before as a laptop replacement, Microsoft’s Panos Panay even claimed it was faster than 95 percent of laptop computers out there. Does the Surface Pro 2 have the specs to backup this bold claim? Let’s find out.


  • Screen: 10.6-inches, 1080p
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 Haswell
  • RAM: 4GB or 8GB
  • Storage: Either 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, or 512MB flash memory. The latter two come with 8GB RAM, the former with 4GB.
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, audio in/out, Ethernet.
  • Battery: TBA, but claimed to be 60 to 75 percent longer than the Surface Pro.
  • Operating system: Windows 8.1

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10 problems with iOS 7, and how to fix them

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Every new operating system has its issues and Apple’s iOS 7 is certainly no exception. We’ve seen a multitude of bug reports rolling in and, while many people have updated successfully, there’s no shortage of people encountering glitches or even major problems. We discussed how to prepare for and download iOS 7, and we’ve suggested some helpful iOS 7 tips and tricks, now it’s time to review some common iOS 7 problems and, where possible, identify solutions. We’ll refer to the iPhone throughout the article, but the majority of the problems and fixes will apply to the iPad and iPod Touch as well. ios-7

Glitch: Stuck on Apple logo

If your update, wrong then you may well find that your iPhone is stuck on a blank boot screen or on the Apple logo and it won’t start up properly. You’re going to want to connect to iTunes and try DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode.

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Convert DVD VOB videos to Galaxy Note 3

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Files in VOB format have .vob filename extension and are typically stored in the VIDEO_TS folder at the root of a DVD. The VOB format is based on the MPEG program stream format, but with additional limitations and specifications in the private streams.


Movie fans and audiophiles that would like to rip DVD with EXACTLY the same audio and video quality often goes copy DVD to hard drive in VIDEO_TS directory, with fragmented .vob files that form the whole movie. These .vob files, although play well on computer, do not work with Android tablet/smartphone like Galaxy Note 3. Here is a quick start guide introducing a workaround for people who feel like watching DVD VOB videos on Galaxy Note 3 with best viewing effect.

Required Software –
For Windows: Blu-ray video converter ultimate

For Mac: iMedia converter

Convert DVD .vob to Galaxy Note 3 supported .mp4

1. Run the DVD VOB to Galaxy Note 3 converter. The software supports both DVD folder and individual .vob clips. If you have backed up the whole DVD structure to DVD, press “Add folder” to import the VIDEO_TS folder; if you have only .vob clips without .ifo and .bup files, press “Add video” to import single .vob streams.

2. When the DVD folder/.vob videos are loaded successfully, press on the Format bar and choose MP4 format to convert videos into. There’s a customized preset for Galaxy Note 3 tablet, just follow “Android” and choose “Android>> Android Tablets 720P Video (*.mp4)”.

3. To further compress VOB videos, you may press “Settings” and change the audio/video parameters. The task info shows estimated sizes of each file.  For better quality, set higher bitrate. We find the best balance between 1000kbps-2500kpbs on 7-inch screen and 2500kbps to 3000kbps on 8.9-inch screen. To shorten conversion time, set lower quality. Generally the lower bitrate you use, the smaller the output video is, and the less space it takes.

4. Press the big Convert button to convert VOB videos to Galaxy Note 3 supported MP4.

After conversion you just connect the Galaxy Note 3 to PC and copy videos to the slab. Now, you can watch DVD VOB videos on Galaxy Note 3 easily.


Get started with AirDrop on iOS 7

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We’ve all seen the Samsung commercials wherein iOS users are constantly made fun of for buying into Apple products. One of the features often shown off in those commercials has been NFC sharing of documents and photos when two users bump the backs of the their latest Galaxy devices — something everyone knows iOS devices can’t do.

Apple took note of the dig at its products and has implemented a feature it assures users will be better than having to run around tapping phones together.

That feature is called AirDrop.

AirDrop may sound familiar to OS X users, as it’s already implemented on Macs and allows users to drag and drop files to share with other Mac users on the same network.

The feature works in a similar fashion on iOS, with the exception being users aren’t required to be on the same network to transfer content. Instead AirDrop uses a direct Wi-Fi connection for transfers.

Owners of an iPhone 5 or later, iPad fourth generation, iPad Mini and the fifth-generation iPod Touch will be able to take advantage of AirDrop.

How to play digital copies on Galaxy Note 3

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the first device ever to feature 3GB of RAM. With it, Samsung makes the jump to 1080p full HD displays on phablets and it adopts a new textured back. The Note 3 features a larger than before 5.7” 1080p Super AMOLED display, but it retains a more compact profile.


Galaxy Note 3 is powerful enough in every respect, however, users who always watch videos on Note 3, may have found a large defect. The note 3 can’t play movies downloaded from online stores. Frankly speaking, it’s not the fault of Note 3. Movies like Amazon instant video, iTunes, BBC iPlayer, Blu-ray/DVD digital copies etc, are protected by DRM protection. Only authorized devices can play them natively.

How to play digital copy movies on Galaxy Note 3? Again and again we get asked this question. No worry, here this article will give you a perfect solution.

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How to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod to iOS 7

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iOS 7 represents a major update to Apple’s mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad, and as long as your device isn’t more than around two years old you’ll be able to upgrade it to get some or all of the new features.

iOS 7 will be available for the iPhone 4 and newer, the iPad 2 and newer, and the 5th generation iPod touch.

The following devices can’t be upgraded to iOS 7: Original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, original iPod touch, iPod touch 2nd-gen, iPod touch 3rd-gen, iPod touch 3th-gen, original iPad.

Here’s a full list of which iOS 7 features will be available in each country, since your location as well as your device will affect which features you get.

How to update to iOS 7

There are two ways to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod to iOS 7: over the air (via Wi-Fi) or through iTunes.

Before you upgrade to iOS 7, though, there are a couple of housekeeping jobs to do. First, update your apps as certain out-of-date apps won’t work in iOS 7.

Second, check if you have enough free storage space as the update requires at least 1.4GB of memory for temporarily storing the download during the update. You can check how much space is available by tapping Settings > General > Usage. The list of apps will tell you which ones are using up your phone or tablet’s storage. Typically, it will be the Photos app, which is full of your images and videos.


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Four Hidden features in iOS 7

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About a week ago, Apple released iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners.The update, which included several new features and a completely revamped interface, marked the biggest face-lift the mobile operating system has seen since its debut in 2007.

Features such as the new Command Center, revamped Camera app, added gestures, and redesigned Notification Center have seen a large amount of press. You may not have been aware, however, that Apple also added more, smaller changes to the operating system.

Here are a few important features you should know about in iOS 7:

Added security
You don’t need the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S to have a secure device. It’s recommend that iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users utilize Apple’s Passcode feature. This can be enabled by going to Settings, followed by General, and selecting Passcode Lock.

From this window you can lock your device with a password or PIN, in addition to enabling certain actions, such as using Siri or replying to a text message, while the device is locked. There are a number of options available to you when you set up the Passcode feature; for example, you can set the device to lock immediately after the screen is shut off, or delay the feature from going into effect for up to 4 hours.


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How to sync iTunes movies to Galaxy Note 3 for viewing freely

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More and more people like to purchase movies or TV shows from iTunes, then, they can watch them on their iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV etc. Maybe you are just one of them. Do you find that the iTunes contents only can be played by Apple products? If you tried to stream them to android devices for playing, you will get an error message, said that “unrecognized files”.

According to my own experience, almost no android devices can play iTunes movies and TV shows. Even if the newly released Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Actually, iTunes movies and shows are protected by using Apple’s FairPlay DRM copy protection. To play a protected M4V file, the computer or device needs to be authorized (using iTunes) with the account that was used to purchase the video. Obviously, Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t have a license. In this case, in order to play iTunes movies freely on Galaxy Note 3, we have to remove DRM protection off iTunes movies in advance. The professional DRM removal tool is necessary.

Pavtube ChewTune is a good choice, it’s specially designed for users to convert DRM-ed contents, including iTunes movies/TV shows, Amazon Instant Video, Blu-ray/DVD digital copies, BBC iPlayer videos etc. Now, you may follow me to learn how to convert iTunes movies to Galaxy Note 3.

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Transfer 1080p 720p MKV movies to iPhone 5S/5C for playback smoothly

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Can someone recommend a good MKV player for iPhone? Specifically, something that can play 720 or 1080 files on a smartphone such as the upcoming iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C?

iPhone can’t decode MKV very well, and that’s maybe why so many users are seeking a best MKV player app for their iPhone. Even if the latest iPhone 5C or 5S. According to my own experience, it’s really difficult for us to find a perfect media player to play all the MKV video files. Because MKV is a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture, or subtitle tracks in one file. It is complex and elusive. So, selecting a media player isn’t indeed a good way.

If you want mobile playback in .mkv on iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, your best bet is to convert the mkv videos into mp4 format, which is naturally supported by iOS. Encoding MKV takes long time, but it is necessary to do so, because of the limitation of iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. Actullay, as long as you take a right video conversion software, the encoding time should be OK for you.

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