How to Load Blu-ray to Galaxy Note 3 for watching on the go

Users take proud of watching movies on Galaxy Note 3 with the perfect high quality display. We can play kinds of video files on Galaxy Note 3 but only limited to its supported range. However, the latest movies often are stored on Blu-ray or DVD discs for sale. It’s impossible for Note 3 to play discs. So, many users want to put Blu-ray movies onto Note 3. Then, they can enjoy latest movies on Galaxy Note 3 wherever they go. There are several problems need to be thought about:

  • How to extract the Blu-ray movie out?
  • Does the original Blu-ray format is viewable for Note 3?
  • What’s the file size of a Blu-ray, if it matches the storage of Note 3?

As far as i know, Blu-ray movies have copyright protection. Which is a special encryption technology. To rip the Blu-ray movie out, we need to crack the protection. Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is a good tool. Which now supports breaking up to MKB V40. Most Blu-ray movies with the format M2TS or MKV, both two are HD formats and not compatibled well with many devices, Galaxy Note 3 included. Meanwhile, in general, a Blu-ray movie has a large size, about 25GB. It’s¬†unpractical to stream such a large file to note 3 for playback. In this case, you are suggested to compress/convert Blu-ray to a format that Galaxy Note 3 friendly. Now it’s available for free trial.

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