Convert DVD VOB videos to Galaxy Note 3

Files in VOB format have .vob filename extension and are typically stored in the VIDEO_TS folder at the root of a DVD. The VOB format is based on the MPEG program stream format, but with additional limitations and specifications in the private streams.


Movie fans and audiophiles that would like to rip DVD with EXACTLY the same audio and video quality often goes copy DVD to hard drive in VIDEO_TS directory, with fragmented .vob files that form the whole movie. These .vob files, although play well on computer, do not work with Android tablet/smartphone like Galaxy Note 3. Here is a quick start guide introducing a workaround for people who feel like watching DVD VOB videos on Galaxy Note 3 with best viewing effect.

Required Software –
For Windows: Blu-ray video converter ultimate

For Mac: iMedia converter

Convert DVD .vob to Galaxy Note 3 supported .mp4

1. Run the DVD VOB to Galaxy Note 3 converter. The software supports both DVD folder and individual .vob clips. If you have backed up the whole DVD structure to DVD, press “Add folder” to import the VIDEO_TS folder; if you have only .vob clips without .ifo and .bup files, press “Add video” to import single .vob streams.

2. When the DVD folder/.vob videos are loaded successfully, press on the Format bar and choose MP4 format to convert videos into. There’s a customized preset for Galaxy Note 3 tablet, just follow “Android” and choose “Android>> Android Tablets 720P Video (*.mp4)”.

3. To further compress VOB videos, you may press “Settings” and change the audio/video parameters. The task info shows estimated sizes of each file.  For better quality, set higher bitrate. We find the best balance between 1000kbps-2500kpbs on 7-inch screen and 2500kbps to 3000kbps on 8.9-inch screen. To shorten conversion time, set lower quality. Generally the lower bitrate you use, the smaller the output video is, and the less space it takes.

4. Press the big Convert button to convert VOB videos to Galaxy Note 3 supported MP4.

After conversion you just connect the Galaxy Note 3 to PC and copy videos to the slab. Now, you can watch DVD VOB videos on Galaxy Note 3 easily.


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