Convert 1080p to 720p for playing on tablets or smartphones

As a movie lover, you may have known the meaning of 1080p and 720p. 720p is the minimum standard for HD, while 1080p videos will give us Full HD video quality. It’s really good experience to watch 1080p or 720p movies on HDTV, computer or any other devices you like. However, the only drawback is, not all the devices can show 1080p, 720p flawlessly.

With the development of the electronics industry, the display of tablets or smartphones has made major upgrades. Most of them have the ability to play 720p videos fine. But for 1080p videos, few devices can handle well. Generally speaking, 1080p will give us perfect movie quality with Ultra-clear picture and super sound quality. At the same time, the size of the 1080p movie file must be large. High quality with a big size, there is no wonder that many tablets and smartphones can’t handle.

Maybe you just like me, have issues to play 1080p movies on some tablet or smartphones. Here, i suggest you converting 1080p to 720p, after that, almost all the 1080p movie files can be played well. Below is my own steps:

Step 1. Free download and install the 1080p to 720p converter on your PC. Mac OS X users please use Mac 1080p to 720p converter.

Step 2. Load your 1080p video files into the program.

Step 3. Choose output format. Generally, H.264 video mp4 is highly recomended. Which is supported well by any devices. You can also choose any video format you like.

Step 4. Click on “Settings” to modify the video size (resolution) as 1280*720.

Tip 1: The best 1080p video converter built in many presets for different devices, including Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, Galaxy S4, iPad, iPhone, Asus Transformer Infinity, Google Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc. You can also select the preset you need directly.

Tip 2: The video conversion software also allows you to do some simple editing on your video, do it or not acccording to your wish.

Tip 3: It supports batch conversion, you can import multiple 1080p files at one time.

Finally, just click on “Convert” button to start transcoding 1080p to 720p. When the conversion task is done, transfer the result video file to your tablet or smartphone. Now, you can watch 1080p videos flawlessly.

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