Full Guide: Install Adobe Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy S4


Is there no Flash Player for Galaxy S4?

I tried checking flash related stuff such as flash games, flash videos, streams and nothing seems to work. Realized I had to download the apk and went to adobe’s website and downloaded and installed the Flash player but even then, it still doesn’t work. Or am I doing something wrong? I got the S4 because it’s the best Android Phone and Flash was the reason why I stuck with Android and didn’t go for iOS.

Adobe is no longer releasing any updates for Flash Player for Android devices and the official support of Flash for the Jelly Bean is gone. Which means you cannot download it from Google Play like you used to do. As far as i know, Adobe Flash Player still works great on the Galaxy S4, but only on some browsers. I was surprised that they have even blocked it on the stock browser. But it works well when used with the right browser. No root necessary.


Here is a full guide from xda-developers:

Step 1: On your S4, go to Settings -> Security -> Enable Unknown Sources
Step 2: Download apk directly from Adobe. Adobe still updates Flash regularly every month, so use this link instead of downloading an old version from someone’s private link. Scroll down to “Flash Player for Android 4.0 archives” and download the latest version.
Step 3: Download Boat Browser.
Use this for all your non mobile browser needs. Naked Browser also works, but the UI might not be for everyone. I hear the UC Browser works too.
Step 4: Open Boat Browser -> Menu -> Settings -> Page Content Settings
Step 5: Enable flash/plug-ins -> Always On
Step 6: User agent -> Desktop

Additional Note: Flash DOES NOT work on: Stock Browser, Firefox (Buggy), Chrome, Dolphin (maybe with a tweak?). Haven’t tried Opera, Maxthon, or Puffin.

*Latest Adobe Flash Player (As of April 27, 2013): Link: Download Adobe Flash Player v11.1.115.54

Video Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMJCnUuzjc0

By the way, if you want to play downloaded flash video on Galaxy S4, the top Galaxy S4 video converter could help you!

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