How to deal with digital copy movies for Kindle Fire HD playback

First of all, please let’s have a look at the question asked by a friend, which have problems to convert digital movies to Kindle Fire HD.


I converted videos so I can stream to my Kindle Fire HD, and these videos are digital movies with purchased disk combo. While it will not work, what do I need to do different???????.

In fact, the digital movies mean “Digital Copy”. They are DRM protected, in other word, not all video converters can handle this kind of protected videos, but I know Pavtube ChewTune can.

If the movie is unencrypted and in a Kindle Fire HD-compatible format, you must have gotten it from somewhere else. To get it onto your fore, go to wherever the source file is (on your PC) and copy it to the Fire using the USB cable. But, as far as i know, the digital copies are encrypted. No matter Blu-ray/DVD digital copies or Amazon Instant video WMV files, they all protected by DRM. That doesn’t allow us to stream the movies freely.

There is a guide about how to remove DRM protection from digital copy for Kindle Fire HD.

Step 1. Transfer your physical “Digital Copy” to your PC or Mac computer, or redeem your Digital Copy from specific website. See also: How to

Step 2. Get the following DRM video converter installed.

Step 3. Launch the digital copy to Kindle Fire HD converter. Click “Add” button to import your digital copy file into this program.

Step 4. Click “Format” and select the Kindle Fire HD preset under “Android” category. ( To get the preset, you should also install the Patch in advance, but now only windows version have the patch file. As follows:

Step 5. Click “Convert” to create DRM-free Digital Copy movies.

Once the conversion is done, transfer the converted video file to your Kindle Fire HD. Then, you can view digital copy movies on Kindle Fire HD as you like.

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