Easily Rip DVD collection on NAS for Roku Playing

We may feel great satisfied if we have Roku box. Use Roku to stream Netflix, Hulu, and video content from dozens of other providers to television. As a DVD collection owner, you will choose to copy DVD collection to NAS drive to allow you streaming with Roku. While, you may find that just copying the DVD files to NAS directly is a pain to try and play with a media streamer. So, what is the best way (software wise) to take the DVDs and put the DVD movies on NAS drive for playing on Roku? We created this article to help people to find an all-in-one solution about DVD ripping for Roku via NAS as the following paragraphs.

“I have a NAS server with Media Streaming ability that allows me to archive kids movies and ones I want to be played via Wifi Connect TV and Roku player. Any good idea? Where do I start? Can someone explain in simple terms what you have to do? Sorry for the dumb questions in advance.”

To backup dozens of DVD movies to NAS device, you need to get the content off the DVD disc as a protection-free and easily readable element for NAS and rip the DVD movie files to Roku/NAS supported formats. Most of you are likely familiar with the excellent Handbrake for ripping standard Def DVDs, but it still cannot yet protected DVD discs. The way it can with regular DVDs, so you’ll need to add an intermediate step. Pavtube DVDAid is the bee’s knees, which can help you fast rip DVD discs to a format playable by NAS while keeping the original quality. (Read the review).

With this DVD to NAS Converter, you can stream and play DVD movies on Roku via NAS without any format issues! What’s more, this program comes with a built-in video editor that allows you to edit your movie files by trimming, cropping, adjusting video effects, etc. Now download this tool and follow the instructions below. Moreover, Pavtube has the corresponding BD ripper that can convert your Blu-ray to suite Roku. Now download the right version and follow the steps below to put DVD to NAS for Roku playback. For Mac users, you can turn to Pavtube DVDAid for Mac.


How to rip DVD to MP4/MKV for NAS streaming with best DVD Copying software

Step 1: Install and launch the top DVD to NAS Ripper. Insert your DVD disc into your DVD-ROM, and click the Disc button to load DVD files.

Step 2: Click “Format” bar and choose your desired format. To store hundreds of DVD’s on NAS, you can rip DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. compressed format.

And click Settings bar, you can adjust the level of compression to suit the quality you want.

Tip: You can go “Settings” to make advanced settings. With the right settings you can retain the quality of the original files while also saving space. This is particularly helpful when streaming over your network. Check the Audio Codec, always there is problem in playing AAC, you can try to change to AC3.

Step 3: Finally, press the Convert button to start ripping DVD for NAS.

After the conversion, click Open button to find the output files. Make sure the wireless network connection is accessible among NAS and Apple TV, PS3, HD TV or other media players. Now connect your NAS to your computer and copy the converted DVD to NAS for streaming with Roku or save them safely.

How to Stream DVD movie from NAS to Roku for TV

If you are a Roku user with Synology NAS, expand your video library with DS video. Available on the Roku Channel Store, DS video allows you to easily stream videos from your Synology NAS server to your home TV. Your Roku can access the video library on your DiskStation, letting you watch videos or stream live TV. Your entire video collection can be easily categorized to suit your needs. Video management stays simple on Roku. Enjoy!

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