Google Nexus 7 2 playback MKV issues

Nexus 7 2nd tablet Users always encounter this or that problem when they play MKV videos, though the media players they use promised to support MKV videos playback, but, the process wasn’t smooth. A series of problems have appeared. Such as no audio, no video, audio and video are not synchronized, or even an error message pop up, said that “unsupported media files”.


Why would this be? MKV is short for Matroska Video format. Matroska is a container format file that stores multiple streams (video, audio and subtitles). The streams are likely compressed and have been produced with an encoder. In order to play these streams a codec is required. Codec, as a word is an abbreviation of Coder / Decoder. The video stream located in the MKV file has been “coded” by the source and now it must be “decoded” by the end user who wishes to play it. For this situation, we can summarize Google Nexus 7 2 built-in media player lacks powerful decoder to decode all the MKV videos, even if the additional downloaded android players.

Thus, in order to play MKV videos on Google Nexus 7 2 flawlessly, i suggest you use a 3rd party tool to transcode MKV to Nexus 7 2 compatibled video formats. The following guide use Pavtube video converter to show you how to convert MKV to Nexus 7 2 preferred mp4 format.

STEP ONE: Download and Installation.

The Best MKV to Nexus 7 2 converter has two versions, windows and Mac. Please select the right one according to your computer.

STEP TWO: Import Source MKV file.

You are allowed to import multiple MKV files. Meanwhile, except mkv, you can also import other unsupported video files.

STEP THREE: Editing (optional).

If necessary, you can click on “Edit” button to do some simple editing, like crop, trim, split, adjust volumn etc. It’s worth mentioning that the MKV converter for Nexus 7 2 allows users to add the subtitle they need by themselves (Refer to).

STEP FOUR: Select Output.

Click on “Format” bar, in “Android” Directory, you can easily find the Google Nexus 7 profile, as follows:

Here i suggest you choose it, this profile is special designed for 1st Nexus 7 tablet but also works well on 2nd one. Meanwhile, you can click on “Settings” to custom the video quality by yourself.

STEP FIVE: Start Conversion.

Hit the “convert” button to run the MKV to Nexus 7 mp4 conversion.

The task will take some time, but won’t too long. Now, you can leave the computer doing the conversion. After it’s done, transfer the converted video file to Nexus 7 2 tablet. Then, you can watch MKV films via Nexus 7 2 wherever you go.


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