Transfer iTunes M4V Movies to Panasonic Viera Smart TVs for Playing

Panasonic’s Smart Viera concept is a perfect example of just how fluid the Smart TV world is. During the majority of 2012, Panasonic’s Smart functionality was very much ‘b-grade’ versus the a-list delights of the services offered by Samsung, Sony, and LG. Panasonic Viera Smart TV is so perfect that you forget that you still can not watch iTunes movies TV shows on it. For people who purchase or rent movies a lot from iTunes but get a Panasonic Viera TV, you will face this problem – how to play iTunes DRM-ed videos on Panasonic Viera TV via USB?

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Transfer iTunes M4V Movies to Panasonic Viera Smart TVs

Unlock iTunes Movies and Play iTunes Movies on Panasonic Viera Smart TVs with Ease

Purchased or Rented iTunes movies are DRM protected so that you can not play them on non-Apple devices. The only way to unlock iTunes movies is removing DRM protection. The popular DRM removal- Pavtube ChewTune is the fatest and best iTunes DRM Removal you can find to remove DRM and convert iTunes M4V to Panasonic Viera Smart TVs compatible videos.

This top iTunes M4V to Panasonic Viera TV converter is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, so you can freely install it and try to enable Panasonic Viera TV play iTunes M4V movies without DRM limitation. Mac version is here. (Read the reviews) Below are the steps to change iTunes format to Panasonic Viera TV with ChewTune, only with a simple clicks, you will finish the conversion from iTunes M4V to Panasonic Viera TV acceptable format.

How to remove iTunes DRM and convert iTunes video to Panasonic Viera Smart TVs

Step 1. Load M4V files to the DRM Removal Tool.

Get this DRM Removal Tool downloaded and installed, drag and drop your iTunes M4V files to it directly.

DRM Removal Tool

Step 2. Choose output file format for playing via Panasonic Viera TV.

This iTunes m4v to Panasonic Viera TV Converter provides optimized presets for Panasonic Viera TV. Click the put down menu of “Format”, and then hit “Common Video” preset to choose “H.264 Video(*.mp4)”.

Panasonic Viera TV supported format

And “Settings” button provides you more customize options like video size, bitrate, frame rate, sample rate(Hz) etc. for output files.

Step 3. Strat removing DRM protection from iTunes M4V.

Now you can click “Convert” button to start removeing DRM protection and converting iTunes M4V for playing on Panasonic Viera TV smoothly. Wait for moments, then click “Open” to locate the converted video. Now you are ready to You can transfer them to USB Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, SD Card or Chromecast to play on Panasonic Smart TVs.

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