Google Nexus 8 Release Date Rumors: The Chronological Story

The next Google I/O event is closing in fast, and as is the case each and every year, the search engine giant is expected to unveil some new hardware during the event. So what can we expect to see during the next conference? Well, judging by what the latest rumors are claiming, we’re most likely going to witness the unveiling of the Nexus 8 tablet.

But, nothing is set in stone yet, so let’s backtrack a bit and discuss the Nexus 8 release date rumors that have been circulated during these past several weeks. More on that one after the break.

Google Nexus 8 Release Date Rumors – The Story So Far

Given the fact that Google usually follows a certain pattern when it comes to launching new devices, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to assume that, if the Nexus 8 is real and is meant as a replacement for the Nexus 7, then the slate should be unveiled in mid-2014. This theory has been initially reconfirmed by the online publication Digitimes.

Not long after that, the same publication has suggested that Google intends on releasing the Nexus 8 at the end of April, but this seemed a bit too far-fetched to be real. Then, Digitimes has yet again cited its “inside sources”, and claimedclaiming that the Nexus 8 will enter mass production in June (so the April launch is out of the question) – the same month during which the Google I/O conference will take place.

What has followed then, was “confirmation” from numerous tech blogs, that the Nexus 8 is indeed planned for a July or August release, following the June production time-frame. The slate was also further rumored to bemanufactured by HTC, and not by LG or Asus.

The bottom line is, while we can’t be sure of how the story with the Nexus 8 will eventually end, we can be somewhat certain that the slate will go on sale shortly after the Google I/O event (if the N8 is real to begin with) simply because that’s what common sense dictates at this point in time. Hopefully, with the press conference closing in, all will become clearer. Stick around and we’ll keep you posted.

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