Galaxy S5 Top 10 useful Tips & Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is now available on lot of countries and I am one of happy owners! As every phone it exist some hidden stuff and I have select it for you. So I am more or less sure than you didn’t know most of them! Lets go for my top 10 tips & tricks for Galaxy S5.

1- Remove Plastic on Camera
You have an amazing new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and you show it to everyone but you have missed to remove the plastic protection on the camera! Don’t say that to everyone :p
2 – Quick Connect your Phone
You want to share something with a friend. No need to select settings activate bluetooth and search someone! On the status notification bar you know have to fast acess to connect your phone to another one!
3 – Double Window
You are using lot of apps and everytime you need to go to one app and turn back to an other one. For example you search something on internet and are writing a mail about that! You can use the Double Window in order to do that.
Activate it: Go to settings and search Multi Window

Use it: long press on turn button you activate or not it!
4 – Air View
Air View is an app which permit to get information about stuff without touching the screen. You are on the Gallery and you can enlarge the picture without open it thanks to Air View. Activate it from settings!
5 – Quick Settings
On the status notification bar you can go to settings and then go to quick settings. But did you know that with 2 fingers you can immediatly go to those quick settings? Just slide down the notification status bar but with 2 fingers instead of 1.
6 – Take your Pulse
The Samsung Galaxy S5 help you to take car about your health. In order to that the S5 use a sensor for your heart. You have to go on the app called:S-health and there use the pulse. Put your finger on the back of the phone just under the camera and wait some seconds.
7 – Download Booster
The Samsung Galaxy S5 use a new technology to download large files faster. In fat this technology use at the same time the LTE and the WiFi. To use it, go to settings and enable the Download Booster.
8 – Save your Day
Everyday our phone is killing the battery. Samsung use now a new application that save the battery for a longer time. You are at work and you have only 10% of battery and no cable to load your phone. No way! Use the Super battery saver mode! Go to settings and on Power saving option and use the Ultra Power saving mode.
9 – Hidden Menu Button
Did you know that the Samsung Galaxy S5 get a hidden menu button? In fact everywhere you are and where there is a menu you can made a long press on the recent app button and it open the menu!
10 – Close your app
To save your memory and the battery don’t forget to close your open apps. To do that just use the left button and close apps. Slide one to close it or you can also close all apps at the same time.
11 – Take a screenshot
Android KitKat use the same way to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Just press the power button and the home button at the same time.

If you have any other tips & tricks or any question, let a comment!

Thank you


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