How to enable VLC media player to play Blu-ray films

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Q1. How to make vlc media player play blu rays?
Is there an alternate way to play Blu-ray movies with either vlc. I heard there is an advantage of playing blu-rays but i don’t know what

Q2. Can VLC play Blu-ray films?

I just tried to play a Blu-ray disc and VLC says Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd://E:\'. Check the log for details.I have a disc in the drive!

Will it not play because my monitor is in 4:3 view or something?What can can I use to play it?Any simple programs?Any quality software I can use now? Or is everything paidware?

I have an LG drive on an HP computer using Windows 7.

Some users want to play Blu-ray movies via VLC media player, but, as you see, the experience isn’t smooth. Wonder how to get your VLC  to play encrypted blu-ray discs? According to my own experience, There are two solutions to easily make Blu-ray movies playable in VLC player.  The following is the details.

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