Backup Disney Blu-rays to Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition for Entertainment

FAQ: “I need a best tool which can converting Disney Blu-rays to Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition for my daughter while traveling in back of car. And I will stream some movies to watch on TV. Any advice?” Solved: Well, if you’ve already invested in lots of Disney Blu-ray films, then it’s really not worth Continue reading →

Amazon Fire TV Review

With the introduction of Fire TV, Amazon, the behemoth online retailer, has officially entered the streaming set-top box battle that may ultimately decide the future of how we get content into our TVs. The device is competitive on both price and performance with Roku 3, Apple TV and Google Chromecast and seems squarely aimed at Continue reading →

Amazon New Generation Kindle Fire HD appeared

Amazon’s mysterious tablet recently appeared in GFX Bench website, codenamed “Apollo”, according to the hardware configuration, the media speculation that the tablet should be next generation 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD. Prior to this, the new plate 8.9 inches Kindle Fire HD hardware configuration has been exposed. BGR said from multiple credible sources to obtain Continue reading →