Toshiba Tegta 4 flagship tablet release – Retina display with 1600p resolution

Toshiba officially released its latest high-end Tablet PC Toshiba REGZA AT703.

Toshiba introduced, said, REGZA AT703 Toshiba Tablet PC built-in original handwritten notes application “TruNote”, the user through the application of the freedom to create one million more to the notes, the notes can also be customized in a variety of colors or different styles, and setting classification. In addition, these notes can be easily converted into a dedicated e-mail text, Office files, etc.

Toshiba also proud to say that the user must have liked the feeling of this note, and this feeling just as in the paperwork. To this end, Toshiba specially prepared electromagnetic touch stylus support pressure sensitivity really like handwriting operation, 1024 pressure sensitive, and coupled with a dedicated Bluetooth keyboard base.

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