How to speed up DVD ripping process

Generally, when you rip and convert a movie it takes the time as long as the movie is. In fact, there are many factors will affect the conversion speed. Such as computer performance, the original file properties, the output settings, computer environment etc. Many users have such a question? How to speed up the DVD conversion speed. Now, according to my own experience, give you some tips.

Tip One. Firmware Update breaks the DVD drive speed limits

Some DVD-ROM manufacturers purposely limit the DVD ripping speed of their drives to try and prevent customers from making copies of retail DVDs. Normally, the limitation can be bypassed by flashing your DVD-ROM drive with an updated or hacked firmware (which also may allow you to make your DVD-ROM drive region-free).

Tip Two: Setting High Priority can help

Every program running on your computer is assigned a priority. Priority is typically determined by how important a program is in maintaining system stability and insuring the system is still responsive to your commands. The browser you’re using to read this article has a higher priority than any number of non-critical background tasks going on in your computer. When you’re using DVD Ripper, it operates in the foreground and gets a generous helping of processor time out of your computers busy schedule. Once the DVD ripping process has begun, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and select “Task Manager”. Find the DVD ripper in Process, right-click on it and set its Priority to High. Your DVD should now rip more quickly, but keep in mind it is a very intense process. Depending on the file size and duration of your videos it’s not unreasonable for it to take as long (sometimes longer) as the DVD’s actual running time.

windows task manager

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