Sync iTunes movies and TV shows to Moto X phone for viewing without DRM limitation

The Moto X stands out from the crowd of Android phones with its high performance, customized interface, and affordable price. The 4.7 inch phone with a resolution 1280*720, which is the same as most popular phones. Moto X also has excellent battery life. No doubt, watch movies on Moto X will be a good experience.


By installing some free players, you are almost able to play all the video formats via it, but when you try to play iTunes movies on Moto X via a player, something wrong will appear. As far as i know, there is no player strong enough to read iTunes movies, due to the DRM protection. So if you want to transfer iTunes movies to Moto Xfor playing, first, you should strip DRM protection off iTunes movies.

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Digital copy and Google Nexus 7 2 incompatible solution

If you are a starter, you may be unfamiliar with the digital copy files. Actually, digital copy movies widespread in our lives. They are special movie types. The following passage is the description of digital copy.

Digital Copy enables buyers of DVD and Blu‑ray to receive the standard definition digital version of the movie in their choice of iTunes or Windows Media formats. Digital Copy is located on a stand-alone disc and is Mac & PC compatible.


As far as i know, except Blu-ray and DVD digital copies. iTunes movies or TV shows, Amazon Instant Video and other media files purchased from online stores. Also are digital copy movies. These media files are protected by DRM protection. So digital copies are incompatible with many devices, only authorized devices can play them smoothly. Though Google Nexus 7 2 tablet is the most powerful 7 inch tablet, it doesn’t have a license to play digital copies.

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Can Galaxy S4 play iTunes movies natively?

Some friends asked me such a question, “Can Galaxy S4 play iTunes movies natively?”. The answer is no, iTunes movies and TV shows are protected by Apple’s FairPlay DRM copy protection. These media files can be easily transferred to iPhone 5 for playing. But, as a android device, Galaxy S4 isn’t authorized to play iTunes contents. This isn’t fair for people who have legally purchased the media files.


Now, with the 3rd party DRM removal tools (top 5 Review), we can remove DRM protection and generate DRM-free video files for Galaxy S4 playback. In this article, i use Pavtube ChewTune as an example to show you how to watch iTunes videos on Galaxy S4.