Tutorial on converting a Blu-Ray disc into MKV 720P file with multiple subtitles and AC3 5.1 audio

Question 1:

I want to convert a Blu-ray movie file to a format that my computer can handle. I know it can handle 720p mkv files. I’m not too concerned about maximizing quality. I am just looking for a simple process that will (1) prevent audio sync problems and (2) preserve mkv-style subtitles.

Question 2:

converting blu-ray to mkv without losing quality

Hi, there! Can you give me a good explanation in details how i can rip blu-ray disk ( i mean BDMW ) to 1080 and 720p. Which are the best convert programs and why? I want to make blu-ray realy or close to real blu-ray quality same will be great. Whic are the steps i can follow. What kind of sofware i need and from where i can get it. And finally how i can set up them to make all of this. For protocol i use Windows 7 x64 and i have a great PC configuration.

Question 3:

How can I convert a Blu-Ray file to a MKV 720p file?

I want to convert a Blu-Ray file to a MKV 720p file, does anyone know how?

Many people have the demand to  convert Bu-ray to MKV, if you just one of them. Today, this article must be your dish. The following guide tells you how to compress Blu-ray to MKV 720p video of 3-5GB while still maintain AC3 5.1 surround soundРand keep multiple audio tracks and subtitles if you like.

Tools required:

  • Blu-ray Disc Drive
  • Pavtube ByteCopy (click to download a trial, but remember a trial puts watermark on generated videos)

Hook up an external Blu-ray Disc drive with your laptop/desktop (if there is not an internal one), and install Pavtube ByteCopy software.

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