Blu-ray Ripping Guide – Rip or copy Blu-ray for personal uses with quality lossless

When you get a Blu-ray disc, what do you want to do? Watch it in your Blu-ray Player? Back up in hard drive for easy searching or protecting from physical damage, or burn a new one to share with friends? Or want to enjoy them on your iPad, iPhone 4 anywhere and anytime? Yes, there are too many things you want to do. But you may meet different problems when you do these. As we know, Blu-ray disc is strictly protected by region codes, AACS encryption, copy protection etc. So how to make what you want?

There is a good solution. With the help of Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper, you can easily realize all these things. The best Blu-ray ripper is not only a Blu-ray decrypter that will help you copy the Blu-ray movies with ease but also a converter which can help rip and convert Blu-ray to MP4/WMV/AVI and other formats that supported by portable devices like iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab 3, Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7 etc. Please follow the guide below and you will find it’s so easy.

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