Change Blu-ray to WMP playable format for watching on Windows Media Player


How can I copy Blu-ray disc to my computer and rip to avi format? I want to copy Blu-ray to my computer and watch it on Windows media player, is there any way to change Blu-ray to WMP formats?

Generally, we watch Blu-ray movies on HDTV via a Blu-ray player. And some people may like ripping and converting Blu-ray movies for playing on tablets or smartphones, thus, they can enjoy movies on the go. Different people may have different demands, as you see, somebody just want to watch Blu-ray on computer with Windows media player.

With Blu-ray Ripper software and an internal or external BD drive, you can easily rip Blu-ray movie to Windows media player optimized formats. Here, Pavtube’s Blu-ray Ripper is highly recommended. Which is professional and smart to handle BD or DVD movie files. Below is a guide for users who want to rip Blu-ray movies for Windows media player.

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How to Copy DVD/Blu-rays purchased to Portable Storage Devices

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Q: Main purpose for me is to copy the DVD/blu rays I purchased to portable storage devices where I can better organize the movies and watch them later on via media-players on TV. Additionally I can store movies on my ipad or smartphone. Any recommendation would be appreciate.

For those who are running into Blu-ray/DVD playback issues or insufficient storage with portable storage device, the Pavtube¬†BDMagic could be the best Blu-ray/DVD compressor and converter. It is capable of handling a great number of BD/DVD sources & conversion possibilities for a good price-performance ratio. Another possibility you can get from Pavtube BDMagic is transferring blu rays copied with such software to HD into your video editing software for making a “best of” music video clip file.

Meanwhile, the full disc copy function of the Blu-ray ripping software will be a good option for users who just want to backup the entire Blu-ray/DVD movie with full information of the disc. This process is not carried codec. So the movie file with quality lossless.

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