Painlessly Convert Blu-ray to MP4 and burning to DVD

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“It’s a silent film, and I’m the musician who originally recorded the score for the film with my small group for the DVD release some ten years ago. Kino recently re-released the film on Bluray, and it’s a little different (seven minutes longer). We’re playing the film live soon to the BluRay, and my rehearsal Continue reading →

Backup Blu-ray/DVD for enjoying on PC using Cyberlink

Here’s how you can backup Blu-ray/DVD discs to computers, laptop using cyberlink for watching freely with high quality. First, let’s see a question from one of my customer: “I have owned a bunch of Blu-ray DVD’s just like the Hobbit, Xmen, Spiderman, Divergent and so on. Many more standard DVD’s and VHS that we want Continue reading →

Get Movies from Blu-ray/DVD discs into UPnP Sever for Streaming

Description: If you are still searching for a solution to rip and backup your Blu-ray/DVDs collections to your UPnP server for streaming everywhere, hope my own experience can provide a choice for you. The UPnP Media Server can turn your NAS into your home’s multimedia streaming server. As long as you have devices that support Continue reading →