Best WinxDVD Ripper Alternative

Simple introduction of WinxDVD Ripper

WinxDVD ripper is a totally free DVD Ripping software that assists users to copy or backup DVD to hard drive for better protection and storage. This free DVD Ripper software has full support for DVD disc, DVD folder and DVD ISO image file. The built-in disc decrypter tool can assist you to bypass somewhat simple DVD copy protections including DVD CSS, UOP, RCE, region code and Sony ARccOS. After that, you can then freely rip the non protected DVD movies to various popular digital file formats such as AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, MOV, MPEG, H.264, etc or hot devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Samsung, HTC, PS3, Xbox One, etc preset profile formats.

Why need to find WinxDVD Ripper alternative?

For those people who have already have WinxDVD Ripper freeware, why should you still need a WinxDVD Ripper alternative? The main reason is that when compared with other powerful DVD Ripper software on the market, WinxDVD Ripper still has the following limitations which can’t satisfy your certain DVD movie entertainment needs.
– Only work with some simple copy protection such as DVD CSS, UOP, RCE, region code and Sony ARccOS, but fail to remove some complicated DVD encryption such as Sony Disney X-Project DRM
– Limited output digital format options: Only assists you to rip DVD to some basic video formats like MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV, FLV, MOV, but if you wish to produce other formats such as H.265, Prores, M4V, WebM, M2TS, TS, etc file formats, you will need the help of a more powerful DVD Ripper software.
– Limited devices customized profile settings: This free tool can only helps to rip DVD to very limited devices, but some professional application can assist you to offer up to hundred of built-in profile setting for even the latest hot devices and gadgets.
– Lack the basic DVD editing tool: Although this free DVD Ripping tool allows you to flexibly adjust output profile parameters like some professional DVD Ripping software, however, it doesn’t offer the beneficial video editing functions for you to get your desired output files by trimming unwanted video length, cropping the black bars, applying special rendering effect, adding external subtitle, etc.
– Fast DVD Ripping speed: According to testing, a lot of professional DVD Ripper software offers 30-40% faster ripping speed than WinxDVD Ripper.

Best WinxDVD Ripper alternative

If you are looking for a more professional DVD Ripper software that can bypass all DVD copy protection, rip DVD to more digital formats and device preset profile formats, more DVD editing features, profile customizing function and fast DVD Ripping speed, we highly recommend Pavtube DVDAid to you. The program has full support for all DVD disc, DVD folder and DVD ISO image file. The built-in powerful disc decryption tool can assist you to automatically bypass all DVD copy protection including Region code, RCE, key2Audio, UOP, CSS, Macrovision, FluxDVD, Protect, ARccOS, AACS, BD+, ROM Mark, BD-Live, etc. Besides that, the program also keeps constant update with perfect support for the new encryption used on many recently released DVD disc.

As for the output file formats, the program can assist you to produce all the digital file formats and hot device preset profile formats offered by WinxDVD Ripper. Besides that, you can also use the program to produce other popular file formats such as H.265, Prores, WebM, etc or hot devices and applications preset profile formats.

When talking about the DVD Ripping speed, you can get up to 6x faster DVD to H.264 codec encoding speed as long as you run the program on computer with Graphic card that supports Nvidia CUDA or AMD App technology or up to 30x faster H.265 codec encoding speed as long as you run the program on computer with Graphic card that supports Nvidia NVENC technology.

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