How to deal with digital copy movies for Kindle Fire HD playback

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First of all, please let’s have a look at the question asked by a friend, which have problems to convert digital movies to Kindle Fire HD.


I converted videos so I can stream to my Kindle Fire HD, and these videos are digital movies with purchased disk combo. While it will not work, what do I need to do different???????.

In fact, the digital movies mean “Digital Copy”. They are DRM protected, in other word, not all video converters can handle this kind of protected videos, but I know Pavtube ChewTune can.

If the movie is unencrypted and in a Kindle Fire HD-compatible format, you must have gotten it from somewhere else. To get it onto your fore, go to wherever the source file is (on your PC) and copy it to the Fire using the USB cable. But, as far as i know, the digital copies are encrypted. No matter Blu-ray/DVD digital copies or Amazon Instant video WMV files, they all protected by DRM. That doesn’t allow us to stream the movies freely.

There is a guide about how to remove DRM protection from digital copy for Kindle Fire HD.

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Analyst says: Apple gearing up iPhone 5S for output this month

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Apple is gearing up to start iPhone 5S production later this month as part of a plan to make 15 million of the devices, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said in a note Monday morning.

The latest speculation about the iPhone 5S — which remains the fodder of rumor and expectation, as Apple has kept mum on such a product thus far — draws from Misek’s conclusions from inventory channel checks.

Based on the checks, he said he believes small-batch production of a low-cost iPhone began last month, and manufacture of the iPhone 5S will begin later in July. He estimated availability would be in late September or early October, based on the lead time he thinks the device requires.

He estimates the mix is 15 million each of the low-cost iPhone and iPhone 5S, with the iPhone 4S being retired.

The iPhone 5S has a history at the rumor mill. Pictures in December showed an exterior identical to the iPhone 5, just a couple of months off the launch of the iPhone 5. Other pictures surfaced last month. More recently, a Korean news outlet expected a version of the iPhone 5S with LTE-Advanced technology.

Misek has a track record of some misses, too, including about imminent launches of an Apple TV set last year, which did not pan out.


Directly Copy Iron Man 3 Blu-ray on Windows or Mac for playback

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Marvel announced that Iron Man 3 will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray on September 24th, 2013! If you don’t want to wait that long to watch it again, it will be available to watch on digital download three weeks earlier on September 3rd.

But, it doesn’t matter. After you get your Iron Man 3 Blu-ray disc movie, this article must be useful for you. Especially, when you are bored by a large number of discs in your home. Backing up Blu-ray or DVD movies on your computer is a good idea to store the movies, then, you will never worry about the discs take too much space and will never worry about the discs are damaged. This article is written for users who want to copy Blu-ray or DVD discs on PC or Mac with quality lossless. In which, i will give you the easiest solution.

How to Backup Blu-ray on PC or Mac?

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Engadget: Nokia Lumia 1020’s Pro Camera app to hit 920, 925 and 928

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One of Lumia 1020’s main attractions is its Nokia Pro Camera app, which completes the phone’s 41-megapixel camera with a bunch of handy features. In our video after the break, you can see Niina (not a typo) from Nokia demonstrating the manual focusing and lossless digital zooming. The latter actually works both ways: even if you’ve zoomed in before capture (and still get native 5-megapixel resolution), you can also zoom back out while browsing these photos, as the app captures both the zoomed-in 5-megapixel image as well as the full 38-megapixel image simultaneously. This way you can reframe the image and even focus on a different subject, as CEO Stephen Elop showed us in our earlier interview. But if you don’t need this feature, you can simply set the app to capture just 5-megapixel images by default.

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Top Blu-ray Copier Software Review – Easily Shrink or copy movies from DVDs or Blu-rays

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For people who gather lots of Blu-ray or DVD movies at home, it’s necessary to own a Blu-ray/DVD Copier program. A such tool could help users to backup or convert Blu-rays and DVDs for different uses. If you just don’t have one, this article must be useful for you. In which, i will introduce a wonderful BluRay Copier for you.

Unlike other Blu-ray ripping software, the one is named Bytecopy. At first, it’s designed specially for users to crack and copy Blu-ray Disc and DVD movie to MKV. Which is similar with the famous MakeMkv. This feature is a lifesaver for HD media players, as not a HDD player plays 100% of Blu-ray features. E.g. When a BD movie is packed into MKV, WD TV Live can not read the Blu-ray subtitles inlaid. At this moment ByteCopy plays an irreplaceable role- it is the exclusive Blu-ray ripper that converts Blu-ray .sup subtitle to .sub without hurting video and audio quality. When it trans-codes and shrinks Blu-ray contents, CUDA acceleration is employed by default when possible.

However, this Blu-ray Ripper Pro does not only everything (selection of forced subtitles is excluded from the “everything” ) MakeMKV does, but also converts/encodes Blu-ray contents. It could rip and convert Blu-ray/DVD to any video format you like. Or directly convert your Blu-ray or DVD to your tablet or smartphone with best video quality. In other words, there are many presets for tablets and phones in output format list, which are designed according to the device’s configuration, like Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy TabPro S, Galaxy Note 5, Kindle Fire HDX, Google Nexus 9, Asus PadFone, Apple iPad mini 4, iPhone SE, Apple TV4 and more.

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How to rip DVD to MKV with original audio and subtitles

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Question 1:

I am completely new to this field. I recently bought a WD-TV HD Player. I thought it is a very good way to convert all my DVDs to digital files and have everything ready in a hard drive.
Somewhere I read that if I convert DVDs to .MKV files, it will carry all the subtitles and bonus features of the dvd too. My question is how do I rip dvds to .MKV files?
Your help is very much appreciated.

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Free App for you to stream TV channels to Android tablet or phone

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Outline: Tivo box is really a good product to record TV shows for us when we don’t have time to watch lives. But, have you tried to watch TV shows in live and even record via a tablet or smartphone? The US TV & Radio Free app for Android allows you to do so.

The US TV & Radio Free app might seem a little too good to be true. It streams unlimited live TV to your Android device, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

The app offers an extensive list of channels: AMC, Bravo, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Food Network, FX, MTV, NBC, Nickelodeon, Syfy, TBS, TNT, and lots more. Even more surprising: a few premium channels, including HBO, Showtime, and Starz.

According to the description shown within the app, it’s an aggregator of freely available content: “We collect channels [sic] data from various published sources on Internet. We do not guarantee its correctness and other legal information.” There’s also a notice offering to take down any channels by request from “owners or producers.”

What’s interesting, though, is that the app has been around since October 2012, in both the Google Play store and Amazon Appstore.

The US TV & Radio Free app sounds very similar to the Aero TV-streaming. Aereo uses antenna/DVR technology to let consumers watch live, local over-the-air television broadcasts. The service has sparked lawsuits from TV broadcast giants including ABC, CBS (the parent of CNET), Fox, NBC Universal, and Telemundo, which alleged last year that the service infringes their copyrights and that Aereo must pay them retransmission fees.

Indeed, some channels (including Disney XD, Spike, and Showtime) flat out don’t work. The first time you run the app, a message notes that “several major servers” are down, but the developers are working to get access restored. So for any given channel you want to watch, it’s hit-or-miss whether you’ll be able to.

That said, I tried the app on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 and a rooted Barnes & Noble Nook HD running Android 4.1. It worked flawlessly on both, allowing me to watch a surprising amount of live-streamed content. The resolution isn’t always top-notch, and occasionally you’ll hear foreign-language dubbing or see foreign-language subtitles, but for a free app, it works well.

What’s more, with a tap of the Record button, it’s a simple matter to save any stream for offline viewing (though you can’t do this at scheduled times or on a timer, so it’s very much a manual procedure).

Also, there’s no program guide, so you’re pretty much limited to flipping channels. Venturing into the Categories listing and then News, I found not only my local Fox affiliate here in Detroit, but also local-access channels for dozens of cities. The app also offers some radio stations, but they’re identified only by frequency (99.1, 102.9, etc.), so there’s no way to tell what you’re going to get. When it comes to streaming radio, there are way better apps available.

Ultimately, US TV & Radio Free is something of a curiosity. It lets you watch live TV on more channels than you’d expect, and works surprisingly well — when you’re able to successfully connect to a station.


Transcode Camera MTS/M2TS files for editing in Adobe After Effects

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Summary: Many camera users often need to edit their family videos or other funny videos recorded by their camera in editing software. However, the camera videos aren’t always compatibled well with editors. Today, this article is just for users who have lots of MTS/M2TS clips from Sony, Canon, JVC and Panasonic AVCHD Camcorder/camera for editing via Adobe After effects.

As we know, the latest version Adobe After Effects CS does support many formats like MOV, AVI, FLV, F4V, MXF, MPEG, SWF, WMV, etc. But if yours are not the latest one, you cannot edit the M2TS/MTS files in Adobe After Effects directly for it cannot support MTS/M2TS files. Or you may find that the MTS videos hop back and forth when you play them. Then what can you do? No worry, the Best Video Converter can be your good choice. The software can help you to convert flip MTS files to WMV or any other formats like MOV, MPEG that are compatible with After Effects with great quality. This guide will provide you a step by step instruction to show you how to convert MTS files to Adobe After Effects for editing.

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Vudu for Android now available on (some) phones, not just tablets

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From: Engadget

Vudu’s player for Android launched last year with tablet support, and now a new update lets it work on a limited selection of phones. Newer Samsung handsets, the Nexus 4, HTC One and several other devices round out the list, as the app works for either streaming or downloading movies. It worked without issue on our Nexus 4, however since its UI hasn’t changed from the tablet version some of the buttons were smaller than we’d like. Also, we couldn’t get the video to play in any res beyond SD so it wasn’t the sharpest, but there was a high enough bitrate to make movie-watching enjoyable on the small screen. As usual, the app is free, if you have an account with the VOD / Ultraviolet service hit the Play Store link below to see if works on your hardware of choice.

Currently supported Android phones include:

Samsung Galaxy Note, Note II, S IV, S III, S II HD

Nexus 4

HTC One, EVO 4G LTE, Droid DNA

LG Optimus G, G Pro, F7

Motorola RAZR HD

Convert 1080p to 720p for playing on tablets or smartphones

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As a movie lover, you may have known the meaning of 1080p and 720p. 720p is the minimum standard for HD, while 1080p videos will give us Full HD video quality. It’s really good experience to watch 1080p or 720p movies on HDTV, computer or any other devices you like. However, the only drawback is, not all the devices can show 1080p, 720p flawlessly.

With the development of the electronics industry, the display of tablets or smartphones has made major upgrades. Most of them have the ability to play 720p videos fine. But for 1080p videos, few devices can handle well. Generally speaking, 1080p will give us perfect movie quality with Ultra-clear picture and super sound quality. At the same time, the size of the 1080p movie file must be large. High quality with a big size, there is no wonder that many tablets and smartphones can’t handle.

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