Easy to use – Canon printer announced support for iOS devices

After take photos with mobile phone, some friends may want to print down to take appreciation in the hand. Canon has announced a new printer product PIXMA MG3520, it allows users to easily through wireless means, instant print photos in iOS devices.

PIXMA MG3520 has a AirPrint wireless printing technology certification. In addition to photos, e-mail, information, documents and other contents also can print from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in transmission to the printer. A high evaluation of AirPrint technology from Canon, it make the printer becomes more suitable for home use.

Canon said, using the PIXMA MG3520 does not require any tutorial or description, as long as the version of the iOS system user is in 4.2 or above, can print through simple operation.

It is reported, PIXMA MG3520 sold for $79.99, the color is black, red, and white.


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