View 3D videos and photos on your PC or laptop for free

There are two main ways of viewing 3D stereoscopic images on a screen with no special hardware at all. These methods can be used with specially prepared photos, movies and websites.


One type of 3D image which you can view on a 2D screen is called an anaglyph. You know, the type that’s viewed using those cardboard glasses with red and green lenses. You might consider this  method old hat but it’s so simple and a lot more effective than you might remember. The first anaglyphs were monochrome but colour was added later. We’d be lying if we said that colour accuracy isn’t sacrificed, the end result can be pretty impressive.

An anaglyph comprises the left and right images superimposed on top of each other, one printed in shades or red and the other in shades of cyan. Because the red lens in the glasses passes the red image but stops the cyan image (it’s not green, it’s cyan) and vice versa. Each eye sees only the correct image. And because, between them, the two lenses allow all the three primary colours of red, green and blue to pass, a full colour image is achievable.

In terms of content, some DVD movies are available as anaglyph 3D versions and there is no shortage of galleries of anaglyph photos and movie clips online (try a YouTube search to see what we mean). Even Google Maps has anaglyph support – just press the T key while in StreetView mode (you must click on the image first). Glasses for anaglyph viewing are widely available for pennies if you buy them in bulk, otherwise you’ll pay a pound or so for a single pair.

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Blu-ray Ripping Guide – Rip or copy Blu-ray for personal uses with quality lossless

When you get a Blu-ray disc, what do you want to do? Watch it in your Blu-ray Player? Back up in hard drive for easy searching or protecting from physical damage, or burn a new one to share with friends? Or want to enjoy them on your iPad, iPhone 4 anywhere and anytime? Yes, there are too many things you want to do. But you may meet different problems when you do these. As we know, Blu-ray disc is strictly protected by region codes, AACS encryption, copy protection etc. So how to make what you want?

There is a good solution. With the help of Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper, you can easily realize all these things. The best Blu-ray ripper is not only a Blu-ray decrypter that will help you copy the Blu-ray movies with ease but also a converter which can help rip and convert Blu-ray to MP4/WMV/AVI and other formats that supported by portable devices like iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab 3, Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7 etc. Please follow the guide below and you will find it’s so easy.

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An easy solution to play DVD movies on Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note III is rumoured to feature a 5.7 inch  FHD sAMOLED display, 13 megapixel camera, Octa-core or Snapdragon 800 processor, S Pen functions. Android 4.2.2 or 4.3 and Samsung’s own Touch-Wiz Nature UX. For detailed information about Galaxy Note 3, view this article.

This post is just for new Galaxy Note 3 users, especially for who often watch movies on Galaxy Note 3. As we know, most DVD movies with 480p resolution, while the resolution of Galaxy Note 3 display up to 1280*720, this means that it has the full ability to show DVD movies in a perfect way. You are right here, the following i will tell you how to rip, extract the DVD movie out and convert it into a digital format to play on Galaxy Note 3.

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Best Blu-ray Ripper Review: ByteCopy VS. MakeMKV VS. DVDfab

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Summary: Blu-ray discs are widely used by film producers, so people who love watching movies, may store kinds of Blu-ray discs in their home. These discs need a lot of space. Meanwhile, the discs are easily scratched. Thus, backup the Blu-ray discs onto computer is really a good method to store Blu-ray movies. In order to backing up Blu-rays, we need the help of Blu-ray ripping software. Still have no idea about which one is suitable for you? This article will give you full reviews of top 3 Blu-ray Ripper in 2015.

To protect the expensive Blu-ray Discs from scratching, more and more people are tending to make a backup of their Blu-ray collections. As an experienced user of various Blu-ray ripper tools, the author of this post is pleased to help beginners find their best fit. The following passages take a brief review of three top Blu-ray rippers in 2015: ByteCopy, MakeMKV, and DVDfab.

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Pavtube ByteCopy Review

You might haven’t heard ByteCopy– as it is released in 2011- but this is absolutely a top choice for those who wanna put Blu-ray to HD media players like WD TV Live and NMT A-210 for playback. So what can it do for you? Basically, the ByteCopy is similar to MakeMKV when it cracks and copied Blu-ray Disc and DVD movie to MKV. However, this app does not only everything (selection of forced subtitles is excluded from the “everything” ) MakeMKV does, but also converts/encodes Blu-ray contents. This feature is a lifesaver for HD media players, as not a HDD player plays 100% of Blu-ray features. E.g. When a BD movie is packed into MKV, WD TV Live can not read the Blu-ray subtitles inlaid. At this moment ByteCopy plays an irreplaceable role- it is the exclusive Blu-ray ripper that converts Blu-ray .sup subtitle to .sub without hurting video and audio quality. When it trans-codes and shrinks Blu-ray contents, CUDA acceleration is employed by default when possible.

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